Book Borrowers’ Guide

Some of the Basics

  • Students CAN NOT check out materials until a permission slip is signed.
    (This policy has been in place in the elementary schools since September 2006.)
  • When are my library books due? Library books are due every week, but can be renewed.
  • What if I forget my book? Please try to return your book the next day, you do not have to wait until your class has it’s next session in the library.

Please Do

  • Enjoy reading your library books!
  • Always have clean hands when reading your book.
  • Return your library books on their due date.
  • Read, read, and read some more!

Please Don’t

  • Take your library book out in the snow or rain.
  • Eat or drink while you are reading your book.
  • Give your book to your pet or baby to play with.
  • Take your book into the bathtub or shower with you.

We encourage all students to be responsible borrowers and to return library books on their due dates. We also encourage students to take proper care of all library materials.

Number of Books That Can Be Taken Out of the Library

  • One Book – Grades Pre-K-2
  • Two Books – Grades 3-5

Overdue Books

Over due slips will be sent home periodically, if a student forgets his/her library book.

We do ask parents to reimburse the library for books that have been lost or irreparably damaged.