Our School

The Lincoln School is an award winning building that links a historic landmark and modern architecture. Reopened on September 6, 2000, the Lincoln School is now a K-5 school with approximately 400 students in 18 classrooms. Students now enter the school through a dramatic atrium connecting the old and new sections of the school. The original Lincoln School, built in 1896, was opened as a high school. The new wing incorporates many architectural features of the old school, and a clock tower graces the southeast corner of the building.

Our teaching is designed to take advantage of the natural curiosity of elementary children. Grade level and special needs teachers collaborate to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Special needs students are included in the regular education setting. Art, vocal music, and physical education complete the education of the whole child. Students are encouraged to support one another by reaching out in friendship and respect.

Lincoln promotes positive behavior through the Lincoln C.A.R.E.S. program. The acronym stands for Citizenship, Acceptance, Respect, Effort, and Safety. The students are consistently recognized for the many positive contributions they make to the Lincoln community.

We value the contributions of our parents as school volunteers and we encourage all parents to join the PTO. We have an active and talented PTO whose goal is to ensure that all our students have the best elementary school experience possible – one that each child will remember fondly for many years to come. PTO fundraising supports field trips, enrichment programs, and curriculum-based projects. The PTO also spearheaded the citywide fundraising for our handicapped accessible playground, the first in the City of Melrose. Our PTO plans many school and community events which include a musical production in March, one of the highlights of the year for our student thespians. Our PTO also runs a school store that provides students with an opportunity to practice their math skills.

Lincoln is a nurturing, safe environment that fosters a love of learning. Students are challenged daily by a demanding curriculum and highly skilled teachers. Lincoln Elementary School is a tremendous place for students to learn, grow and make long lasting friendships and memories.

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