School Site Council

Lincoln posts the announcement in their newsletter and posts it as an official agenda. Elections are held using a closed ballot process at a PTO meeting. If it is a non-competitive election, it’s done through voice vote. It is well advertised. Whoever shows up at the PTO meeting gets to vote. About 1-2 months before information is posted in a newsletter describing how many openings there are on site council and what it entails. People who are interested are encouraged to contact the principal to have their name placed on the ballot. The election will take place at the September PTO meeting. The Council will convene for the first time prior to the mandated 40 days following the start of school.

2016-2017 Council Members

Principal, 4 teachers, 4 parents, 1 community rep

  • Allison Donovan –Principal 
  • Brienne Thibodeau – Teacher
  • Jacqui Connolly-Teacher
  • Mike Oginski – Teacher
  • Jennifer English
  • Jean Marie Medina – Parent
  • Gary Broberg- Parent
  • Kim Lafontana – Parent
  • Amanda Johnson- Parent
  • Jennifer Lemmerman – Community Representative

Lincoln School 2016-2017 SIP

Lincoln School 2016-2017 SIP Winter Update