School Site Council

The School Site Council is comprised of school staff and parents of children in the school.  Each meeting will be advertised in the school newsletter and posted as an open meeting. If there are open seats that need to be filled for the school year, information is shared and an election is held (a closed ballot process) at a PTO meeting.  Attendees at the PTO meeting are able to vote. The Council convenes for the first time prior to the mandated 40 days following the start of school.

2017-2018 Council Members

  • Jennifer Corduck – Principal
  • Jennie Centore – Social Worker
  • Jacqui Connolly-Teacher
  • Jennifer English  – Teacher
  • Gary Broberg- Parent
  • Amanda Lanzetta – Parent
  • Amanda Johnson- Parent
  • Christine Douglas – Parent

Meeting Minutes:

Site Council Minutes 10_3_17

Site Council Minutes 10_23_17




Lincoln School 2016-2017 SIP

Lincoln School 2016-2017 SIP Winter Update