Asthma Group

Students in grades 1-5 are invited to attend the Lincoln Elementary School Asthma Group. We meet once a month to learn about asthma and how to live an active and healthy life. We learn about the respiratory system, medications, asthma action plans, triggers, symptoms, how to use a peak flow meter, inhaler, and spacer, and helpful relaxation exercises. We also share our feelings about what it is like to live with asthma, and offer each other support and encouragement.

Each year the students chose a type of game they would like to transform into a fun learning tool. We have made an Asthma-opoly game and an Asthma Jeopardy game that the students have enjoyed. The student group members vote for 2 co-captains each year. These group leaders must be well-behaved, good role models, and have an understanding of asthma. They should bring with them enthusiasm and great ideas.

Please see the school nurse home page for interesting websites concerning asthma for parents and children. I also have books and pamphlets available to borrow for parents who may want to learn more about asthma.

If your child would like to join our group please contact me by note, email, or phone. We would love to have them join us.

– Mrs. Gail McCarthy RN, BSN, NCSN