Save-A-Child Phone Line

781-979-2250 & follow prompts

If Your Child Will Be Absent

Please call the Save-A-Child Line, before 8AM if possible, to report your child absent. Leave the date, child’s name, teacher’s name, and most importantly the reason for absence. Please explain the illness and tell us if they have a fever of 100 degrees or over. We are tracking flu like symptoms. If absence is for reasons other than illness, please state that reason. Follow the same procedure for tardiness. Upon return to school, you must send a note to the classroom teacher stating the reason for absence. A note from the doctor is required with absences over 3 consecutive days.

Please inform the nurse if your child has had Strep throat or any other contagious illness. Children who are absent due to illness should not attend school functions at night. Absences in excess of 15 days per school year may lead to retention at any grade level.

Confidential Student Health & Emergency Information Form

Eat Breakfast!

To avoid headaches, stomachaches, and fatigue please serve your child breakfast. If you are running late, keep something handy in the car so that they can eat on the way. Fuel your body and brain at breakfast to feel well and ready to learn. Studies have shown students who eat breakfast have an increase in grades, attention span, and good behavior, with decreased visits to the school nurse. Lincoln School has a breakfast program you may join.